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Published on: 08 May, 2022 by Foster Lee



                                           Most Businesses do not Plan to Fail.

                                                        They just Fail to Plan.



Why is business planning and time management so very important:-


  1. Gives every business a direction and purpose ie it answers the question……..Why are we in business?


  1. Would a pilot fly from A to B without a flight plan? More importantly, would you fly with that pilot if you knew he/she did not have a flight plan?


  1. Helps focus your income-producing “energies” in the right direction to achieve and get tasks actually done/completed.


  1. Time management is the key. It takes self-discipline and organization. Time management is really self-management.


  1. In the last 10 minutes of your working day, write down, in order of importance, the key tasks you need to complete the next day.


  1. The first 10 minutes after getting home from work are also vital. Family time. Quality time is not the same as quantity time. Yes, quality time is important but your family needs to see you physically around them after your work.


  1. The first 10 minutes you arrive at work is vital. Gather your thoughts to start your day productively by commencing to do the tasks in order of importance that you listed the previous day before leaving work.


  1. Handle the main income-producing/value-added tasks yourself. Delegate responsibility to others to perform important but less income-producing tasks.


  1. “Do It Right The First Time”. This is not only a good business philosophy but a great time-saver. Repetition and correction of mistakes is not cost-effective.


  1. You have approximately net 3500 hrs (5 day week) of productive time a year to earn the required income for the lifestyle you deserve. Don’t waste it!!!


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