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Published on: 08 May, 2022 by Foster Lee

Main types of financial fraud that you should be aware of:

  • Accounting:

Employee manipulates the company’s accounts to cover up theft and/or misappropriation.

No adequate supervision and or internal controls in existence.

Most prevalent where only one employee has access to accounts receivables, payables and payroll.

  • Payroll:

Most common type of employee fraud.

Payroll employee “creates” bogus employees on the books, falsifies timesheets and pays wages into unauthorized bank accounts for their personal benefit.

  • Data:

This is becoming more and more common. “Hacking” into confidential data involving identity, health, income tax and banking details. This can be especially devasting for a company that relies on its intellectual property for its product and/or service.

  • Bribery, corruption & kickbacks:

Employee allocating jobs to outside contractors and/or giving discounts to customers for monetary advantage.

  • Misappropriation:

Using a company’s expense account for personal expenditure, stealing cash from the till, not recording a sale and pocketing the cash when customer pays, double claiming for expenses, etc.


Preventing & detecting fraud:

  • Before hiring any employee, conduct rigorous background checks including police checks.
  • Ensure work duties are segregated and that there are cross-checks on employees’ work.
  • Conduct random internal audits of company accounts.
  • Conduct random risk assessments to highlight areas needing attention.
  • Rotate employee duties where possible.
  • Make it mandatory for employees to take holidays.
  • Change passwords ever so often.
  • Shred sensitive documents that are no longer required.
  • Invest in specialised fraud software that will detect if an employee is trying to access sensitive data/information.
  • Implement an employee Manual code of conduct, ethics and confidentiality.


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