Taxation (including Electronic Lodgement)

Take the hassle out of lodging your annual income tax return. A prompt and efficient Cairns accounting service that includes electronic lodgement ensures that you not only receive what you are legally entitled to but, more importantly, you get it promptly because you deserve it!

Businesses and property investors are a real speciality. You can be assured that any Taxation Office compliance requirements are handled in an efficient and timely manner to give you that all important confidence.

Not getting accurate advice can lead to negative tax consequences and leave you with unforeseen tax liabilities including severe fines and penalties which are not tax deductible!.

[** I have been awarded, by the Australian Taxation Office (“ATO”), multiple accredited Lodgement Certificates of Excellence Commendations. This means that the ATO acknowledges and respects my unique high standard of assisting clients meet their tax compliance and reporting obligations in a timely manner.**]

Negative Gearing

Negative gearing can be an important part of any investment strategy though it should be balanced against the capital growth potential of the investment. Make sure you are claiming the items that need to be claimed to ensure maximum returns. Does it suit you?

People are often confused about positive gearing, neutral gearing and negative gearing. You really need to be absolutely clear about these definitions and how they impact on your personal financial and/or tax circumstances.

Do you fully understand the Dollar-Cost Averaging and/or Margin Lending techniques? Why would you borrow to invest? Borrowing to invest can have a positive net asset growth but conversely, it can have compounded serious downsides if the market does not perform.

These vital questions, if not fully understood, will, not probably but will, lead you to financial disaster and/or even bankruptcy!

Income Protection

There are many risks in life that we insure for. What would happen if you could no longer work? Do you have the right protection? Get the advice you need from an experienced Cairns accounting professional.

Generally, the last thing we think about is insuring/protecting ourselves. It should be the first thing. Do not let tragedy strike and be caught in financial distress.

Life is priceless but protecting it need not be!

Financial/Statutory Reporting

Make the process easy with the right help and advice so you can easily comply with all the financial and statutory reporting requirements that are required these days to avoid severe fines and penalties.

Avoid the possibility of inadequate or incorrect statutory compliance reporting. Accounting standards and ASIC requirements do change so it is important that the most up-to-date reporting is achieved for you.

As financial statements are used and examined by many (eg management, shareholders, banks, creditors and other stakeholders), they must be accurate and be true and fair. They are used to determine the viability of an organisation and in the particular case of publicly listed companies on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX), whether the company is a good investment or not for intending shareholders.

Warning: A business must not trade insolvently, ie it must be able to pay its debts as and when they fall due. Not being able to do this is a criminal offence punishable by law resulting in fines and/or imprisonment if those responsible are found guilty! Properly constructed financial reports will be able to reveal whether the business is a strong one or a struggling/weak one.

Financial reporting should be done on a regular basis. This is most conveniently achieved at the end of every quarter during BAS preparation time. This enables management to keep a “pulse” on the business and take corrective actions early to get the business back on track if need be.

Businesses must be strong in management, governance and culture to survive. This can only be achieved by a regular reporting framework and satisfying the real needs of customers/clients in a prompt, timely and value-based manner. Are you operating a "fit" business?


Superannuation is a complex area that sometimes needs to be unravelled. Get the right professional advice from a qualified Cairns accounting specialist to maximise your future wealth.

Whether you are self-employed or an employee, very different super rules apply with differing tax consequences.

Do not be caught out!

Superannuation is a Government favourite and changes to the rules occur often, more for political rather than economic reasons/gains. Contribution caps apply and an excess contribution tax will apply for any contributions over those caps.


My 7 Dislikes By The Tax Office

  1. Sloppy, incomplete and incompetent bookwork.
  2. Continual late lodgement and/or payments of IAS's and BAS's.
  3. Continual late lodgement of tax returns.
  4. Continual non-adherence of tax payment arrangements.
  5. Excessive tax deduction claims against relatively minimal income levels.
  6. Delays in responses to Tax Office queries and/or telephone calls.
  7. Entering into "schemes" having no prior Tax Office Private and/or Product Rulings.

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